Creating Safer
Roads Together

Making a Difference With a Court-Approved Safe Driving Program for Teenagers

Fostering Safer Roads & Responsible Drivers

Driving Angels is a non-profit organization devoted to tackling the most significant threat to our teenagers - fatal driving accidents. Our mission is to foster a safer community by educating young drivers about the importance of adhering to road safety rules and practices through a safe driving program. We aim to significantly reduce the number of teen-related car crashes through our comprehensive, first-rate driving safety curriculum.

A yellow and white steering wheel on top of a green background.
A man driving in the car with another person.

First-Rate Curriculum

In its final stages of development, our court diversion program curriculum is projected to be introduced in high schools by the Fall of 2022. The project, initially stalled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is now back on track with renewed vigor. We envision high schools nationwide embracing our 'Driving Angels' program, fostering a new generation of responsible, safety-conscious drivers.

Join Us On Our Mission

The issue of fatal teen crashes is not just real; it's a growing menace that's claiming the lives of our young ones. Join us in our mission to save lives, one driver at a time. We strive to make a difference in the community by educating students about the importance of safe driving to lower the number of crashes involving teens. We hope to mentor other communities and high schools to develop a similar program in their community or high schools.